From my postdoc time on, I have participated or later performed management tasks in a number of different projects in the areas of computational chemistry, grid and cloud computing. On this page you can find a list of selected projects I was involved in since 2004, including the roles I had in them, for which there is information publicly available on the internet.


  • CloudBroker Platform – SaaS and PaaS solution for compute-intensive applications on different cloud infrastructures (product of CloudBroker GmbH)
  • CloudBroker AppCenter – web shop for simulation applications in the cloud (product of CloudBroker GmbH)
  • CloudSME – Cloud based Simulation platform for Manufacturing and Engineering (29 consortium members from 8 countries, funded by EU FP7): Work package leader, CloudBroker representative, participant
  • SCI-BUS – SCIentific gateway Based User Support (15 consortium members and 6 subcontractors from 14 countries, funded by EU FP7): Work package leader, CloudBroker representative, participant
  • Coupled fluid dynamics and heat transfer simulations (as part of the UberCloud HPC Experiment)
  • Protein modeling in the cloud (in collaboaration with ETH Zurich and IBM)
  • GC3 – Grid Computing Competence Center (in collaboration with UZH IT Services, funded by UZH): Proposal co-author
  • SMSCG – Swiss Multi-Science Computing Grid (funded by AAA/SWITCH): Project leader
  • UZH Grid – Establishment of a grid infrastructure at the University of Zurich (funded by AAA/SWITCH): Project leader
  • SwiNG Seed Working Group – Swiss National Grid Association: Working group leader
  • RATOS – Distributed computing for reinsurance related calculations – Design, algorithms and runtime experience (funded by and in collaboration with Swiss Re): Team leader


  • GovCloud.CH – Cloud computing program of the Swiss Federal IT Steering Unit (ISB)
  • Chemomentum – Grid services based environment to enable innovative research (funded by EU FP6)
  • Resurgence – RESearch sURGe ENabled by CyberinfrastructurE (in collaboration with SDSC)
  • Gemstone – Grid Enabled Molecular Science Through Online Networked Environments (in collaboration with SDSC)
  • PRAGMA – Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly
  • Swiss Bio Grid
  • SEPAC – Southern European Partnership for Advanced Computing
  • DeciQ – Code Interoperability in Computational Quantum Chemistry (funded by COST Action D37 – Grid Computing in Chemistry: GRIDCHEM)

Event Organization

Open Source

  • CloudBroker Platform Java API (at GitHub): Project management
  • CloudBroker Platform command line interface (at GitHub): Project management
  • Kepler – Scientific workflow software (as part of Resurgence): Contributor